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Update (July 2022): In Person is available at our office in Canoga Park, or you may join via Zoom based on your needs.  Those joining in person can disregard Zoom info. Masks are required.

We have classes most Sundays. See schedule below. 
Our Canoga Park office is open for in person training.
If you are not required to join in person, you may join via Zoom

Joining via Zoom?  You'll receive the Zoom info upon registration.  Participants will join remotely and the Live Zoom class will include hands on skills practice.


Pricing:  Based on profession listed below.

Profession Total Price Certificate Class/Reg Type
Healthcare providers/students (RN, MA, DDS, RDH) $90 2 YR BLS Healthcare Provider Certificate Take CPR only and select $10 Healthcare Provider add-on


Preschool teachers/childcare providers (California)

$110 2YR Pediatric CPR & First Aid


Take CPR & First Aid and select $10 Pediatric add-on


General public/non healthcare (Teachers, Camps, Nanny’s/babysitters, Office workers)  CPR AED & First Aid combo

$100 2 YR Standard CPR AED First Aid Take CPR & First Aid, no add-on


General public/non healthcare (Teachers, Office workers) 
CPR AED only

$80 2 YR Standard CPR AED Take CPR only, no add-on

Will this be accepted by my employer? 
Yes. This is not an "online" CPR class. If your employer requires in person then simply come to our office for the class.  For those joining via Zoom, this is a live remote class that includes full skills practice and testing.  You’ll receive your card the same day. We haven’t had a certificate rejected in 20 years.

Should I pre register/pay?  Yes, this way the instructor can send your card after the class is complete.

How do I login to the class?  After you register, you'll receive all of the instructions and Zoom info to login. Disregard Zoom info if you are joining in person.

What do the classes include?  All CPR classes include adult, child, infant CPR, choking, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)  First Aid includes emergencies like bleeding, asthma, fainting, falls, concussions, seizures, etc.

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